Our Ethical Approach

Embracing Slow Fashion: Our Pledge

At the heart of The Pride Company is our steadfast dedication to the principles of slow fashion. We adopt a made-to-order strategy, steering clear of bulk production, and concentrate on crafting products of high quality rather than high quantity. This methodology aligns with our ethical standards and greatly diminishes environmental hazards. Upon receiving an order through our website, our team proceeds to cut, sew, and dispatch the item specifically for you. Therefore, we ask for approximately 5 business days to process each order.

A Journey of Handmade Excellence

At The Pride Company, when we mention ‘handmade’ products, it signifies a detailed and comprehensive process designed to guarantee that every piece receives individual focus and dedication.

Recognizing that genuine sustainability encompasses much more than just our immediate activities, we delve deep into the core of our supply chain. We’ve dedicated ourselves to an exacting selection process for our suppliers, choosing only those who not only share our vision for sustainability but also strictly follow compliance rules. Our selection of materials is meticulous, aiming to fulfill stringent environmental and ethical criteria, thus minimizing our environmental impact and securing the long-term sustainability of our offerings.

Eco-Friendly Unboxing

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply integrated into every facet of our business, with a particular focus on our packaging. We are proud to say that all of our packaging materials are crafted from 100% recycled content and can be completely recycled again. Through this approach, we not only assist in defining your unique style but also take significant steps to safeguard our planet by minimizing waste and preserving natural resources. We invite you to be part of our quest for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future – with every order you place.