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How We Became The Pride Company?

Welcome to ThePrideCompany.co, where fashion meets activism, comfort, and a commitment to a better world. Founded with the vision to create a space where everyone can feel safe and celebrated for who they are, our journey is not just about apparels—it’s about spreading messages that matter to you and me. “Wear the shirt, spread the word” encapsulates our mission to foster equality, support, and understanding through our clothing line.

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Ethical and Environmental Responsibility

Quality, sustainability, and ethics form the core of our production philosophy. Rejecting mass production, each of our products is made on-demand, ensuring not only uniqueness but also a reduction in waste. Our sourcing criteria are stringent—choosing only ethical brands and suppliers that adhere to labor, environmental, and safety standards. Environmentally friendly practices are not just a choice but a responsibility for us. We utilize energy-saving printers that significantly reduce electricity, water, and chemical use. Our commitment to the planet extends to how we dispose of inks, following stringent guidelines to prevent environmental harm, and prioritizing electronic documents to minimize paper waste.

Our Mission

In a world craving for peace and equality, we believe in the power of unity and acceptance. At The Pride Company, we don’t just accept differences—we celebrate them. We are all one, and our apparels are designed to comfort the soul and spread the messages of love, equality, and acceptance that we all care deeply about. As a proud 100% LGBT+ owned and operated entity, we stand at the forefront of championing the rights and visibility of the LGBT+ community, especially in Asia where the conversation around LGBT+ issues often faces silence and stigma. Our roots as Southeast Asians have shown us the critical need for support and solidarity within the LGBT+ community, driving us to not only create clothing that empowers and embraces individuality but also to foster an environment where every voice can find comfort and recognition.

LGBT+ Owned and Operated

By choosing The Pride Company, you’re not just purchasing a piece of clothing; you’re supporting a 100% LGBT+ owned small business that pours its heart into everything from design to customer service. Each purchase champions LGBT+ entrepreneurship, creativity, and the fight for a more inclusive world.

At ThePrideCompany.co, we’re more than a brand. We’re a movement towards a world where love wins, diversity is celebrated, and fashion is a vehicle for change. Wear our apparels with pride, and join us in spreading the word for a more inclusive, equal, and sustainable world.

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